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Tamara Mayorga - Realtor

Montezuma Realty
115 N Montezuma Castle HWY
Camp Verde AZ 86322


Tamara Mayorga is a dedicated and passionate real estate agent known for her expertise in helping clients find their dream homes.  With a keen understanding of the real estate market, Tamara is committed to providing personalized service and ensuring a smooth and successful property transaction for her clients.

Beyond the world of real estate, Tamara has a deep love for  animals, particularly horses, dogs, and cats.  Her connection with these animals goes beyond just a hobby-it's a lifestyle.  Whether she’s riding horses through scenic trails, playing fetch with her dogs, or spending quality time with her feline companions, Tamara finds joy and fulfillment in the company of her four-legged friends.

In her spare time, Tamara indulges in the therapeutic practice of growing flowers.  Gardening has become a cherished hobby that allows her to unwind and reconnect with nature.  Her garden is a vibrant and colorful oasis, reflecting her nurturing spirit and love for beauty.

Tamara’s multifaceted interests and genuine passion for both real estate and personal pursuits make her a well-rounded and personable professional.  Clients appreciate not only her industry knowledge but also her warmth and dedication to creating lasting connections.  Whether you’re looking for the perfect home or seeking advice on cultivating a thriving garden, Tamara is the go-to person for a blend of expertise and genuine care.


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